Mani & Pedi

Classic Manicure $20
Luxury Manicure $35
Hot Stone Manicure $35
Gel Polish Manicure $40
Deluxe Gel polish Manicure $50
Mani & Pedi $50
Classic Pedicure $30

Eyelash Extension

Cluster Eyelash Extension $45 & up
Volume Eyelash Extension $100 & up
Hybrid Eyelash Extension Classic $100
Hybrid Eyelash Extension Wispy $120
Add color $15
Classic eyelashe extension $100
Mint Cluster $60


Eyebrows $10
Upper lip or Chin $8
Full Face $35 & up
Under Arms $20
Legs Full / Half $60 / $30
Back $50
Tint $35
Half arm $30


Regular Acrylic Full Set $40
Regular Acrylic Fill $30
Color Acrylic powder Full Set $50
Color Acrylic powder Fill $45
Color Acrylic powder change color $50
Acrylic with Gel Polish Full Set $50
Acrylic with Gel Polish Fill $40
Pink & White Acylic Full Set $60
Pink & White Acylic Fill $60
Pink fill $40
Ombre Acrylic Full Set $60
Ombre Acrylic Fill $60
Hard Gel/ Liquid Gel Full Set $65
Hard Gel/ Liquid Gel Fill $55
Gel X $55


Add Gel (shellac) polish to fingers or toes $20
Special Nail Shape: coffin, almond, round, stiletto $5
Gel (shellac) color change for fingers or toes $25
Regular color change for fingers / toes $15 / $15
Paraffin hand or feet $10
French tips /Deep french tips $8 / $10
New repair nail $4 & up
Nail design & rhingstone Varies
Remove acrylic with service / without service $15 / $15
Remove dipping powder / Gel Polish w/o service $10
Mood change or glow in the dark $5
Gel Cat eye design $10
Midium lenth Nails $10
Long lenght ls $20
Designs 10 $25 50

Pedicure Menu

Classic / Regular pedicure (6 min massage) $30

Toe nails cutting, shaping, and cuticle trimming.
5-minute lotion massage.
Polish of their choice

Incense Deluxe Pedicure (15min massage) $40

Classic pedicure with orange-infused water.
Sugar scrub.
Pumice bar with callus treatment.
Moisturizing citrus mud masque wrapped in hot towels.
10-minute oil and lotion massage .
Polish perfection.

HOT STONE pedicure $50

Classic pedicure with orange and lime-infused water.
Organic sugar scrub ( Lavander,mint,cucumber,lemondgrass ...)
Luxurious pumice bar for callus care.
Masque cocooned in warm towels.
12 -minute lavender oil and lotion massage with hot stones.
Polish magic.
Herbal neck warmer included.( optional)

VOLCANO Pedicure $65

Begin with a CBD bath bomb soak.
Organic sugar scrub exfoliation.
Remember, our Ginger Bliss Pedicures aren’t just treatments—they’re moments of self-care,
relaxation, and pure indulgence. Book now and step into ginger-infused paradise! 🌿🍊🌹
8. Champage Indulge Pedicure($100):
Magnificent pedicure and collagen socks.
15-minute CBD oil and hot stone massage.
Perfect for inflamed ankles, plantar fasciitis, and tight calf muscles.
Hot Herble tea or Wine for elementary drink ( optional)

HERBAL SPA Pedicure (45 min massage) $65

Classic pedicure with Epsom salt and rose petals infusion.
Organic Herble sugar scrub.
Intensive callus treatment.
Lay white face with Essential oil masque wrapped in hot towels.
Paraffin hot wax bliss.
15-minute essential oil massage with hot stones.
Polish perfection.
Herbal neck warmer included.9 Optional)
( Pepermint,Lavander, Eucalystus )
Hot Herble tea or Wine for elementary drink ( optional)

Chronic Pain Relief $85

Classic pedicure with lemongrass, ginger, orange, and lime-infused water.
Detoxifying charcoal sugar scrub.
Callus treatment with a pumice bar.
Clay white Face Masque wrapped in hot towels.
Paraffin hot wax indulgence.
20-minute Pain Relief Gel massage with hot stones.
Collagen socks for ultimate hydration.
Herbal neck warmer included 5 minutes neck rub
Hot Herble tea or Wine for elementary drink ( optional)s) Add $20 cost to any pedicure of your choice.

Ginger Infusion Pedicure $85
Epsom salt and Pepermint essential oil with Fresh Orange water bath to remove dead
skin cells.
15 minutes expoliating Massage with White Wine Ginger Scrub
15 minutes Clay Whie Face Mask moisturizing and Pain Relief Gel massage
Hot Stone,Paraffin treament
A true golden experience.
Hot Herble tea or Wine for elementary drink ( optional)
Champage Indulge Pedicure $100
The pinnacle of luxury.
Bath your feet with a generous splash of chilled champagne
Champagne with fine sugar exfoliate
A mask using champagne and crushed grapes , cucumber (rich in antioxidants).
champagne with a few drops of almond oil or oil candel The luxurious oil will leave
your skin soft and glowing.
A divine journey for your legs and feet.
Indulgence: Champagne is the epitome of luxury.
Antioxidant Boost: Grape extracts promote youthful skin.
Relaxation: Sip champagne and unwind

Dipping Nail Powder

Dipping powder $45
Dipping powder pink & white $55
Dipping powder ombre $60
Dipping powder with tip extentions $55 more





Cocktails: Mimosa ( champagne and orange juice)

Poinsettie ( champagne and cranberry juice)